We love hearing from you. Below is some feedback we are so proud to share.

“Thanks for including me in the Gala last evening, I was amazed at the size of the crowd and enjoyed the interactions and the show. It is so important to recognize the diverse cultures in our community and the strengths they bring and also to work together for the good of the whole – as you so well articulate in your literature! I appreciate your leadership in this regard! “

“Congratulations for organizing and hosting such a gala event . You guys made the whole process look n feel like a cake walk but I know how much effort and great planning is needed to achieve such perfection . Thanks for such a memorable experience”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work for the community. It was a fabulous evening in every way!! “

“It was a privilege and an honor for my daughter to be a part of such a wonderful event. “

“The event was wonderful and we had a great time last night. The food was yummy, program was very good. Great job organizing and it was a huge success. Thank you for all that you do”

“What a wonderful event – so much hard work by all. You should be very proud!!”

“It’s a super hit again!”

“You all organized a very nice NYE party!”

“Everything was just GREAT at the New Year’s Eve party – congratulations on a super successful event”

“The New Year’s Eve event was such a FUN time with great food and excellent organization”

“Congrats on the great event Saturday as I’m sure it was the fruit of countless hours of planning and preparation!”

“What a wonderful event on Saturday! I so enjoyed the cultural program and making new friends during the reception.”

“You’ve raised the bar so high – can’t wait until next year”

“Such a BEAUTIFUL event – thank you so much for letting me be a part of it and being able to embrace my Indian love in Lancaster”

“We cannot thank you enough for the warmth and care with which you support everyone and everything. We felt so cared for”

“I am so happy that I was introduced to your organization”

“Very well planned – such a WONDERFUL experience”

“We all appreciated the multi-cultural and inclusive atmosphere.  It was a great night.  Congratulations on such a great event and team of volunteers.”

“Thank you for the beautiful Diwali programs!”

“It was a great show – very well-designed and coordinated. Our teams had an amazing time! Thank you once again for giving our academy this big opportunity to perform.”

“Our daughter loves her new purse and it was wonderful to see her dancing along when the youngest kids did their dance performance.”

“I enjoyed the event very much. The show was wonderful, and the whole event was so well planned with something for everyone. Looking forward to future events!”

I loved the program, particularly the inter-generational aspects of it. I always find Indian dance so inspirational, too! You did a fabulous job in putting it all together. And the dinner was fabulous! Thank you, too, for all you do for our community. You are an inspiration.”

The music and dancing were beautiful, and the entertainment delightful and meaningful. The food was delicious, too! Most of all I was affected by the fellowship and the community.”

Great idea to open the opportunities to foreign-born citizens to merge with local community by doing useful human services. I had to admire the vision of your board to translate energy for productive purposes. Good luck to your dynamic & innovative idea.”

It was a pleasure to be a part of your international event. We loved seeing the performances and enjoyed seeing women dressed in beautiful attire. We were all especially moved by the last number, which included a testimony to the freedoms we have in this country. Your impeccable organization and inspiring message were noticed!!

Your mission, and vision beliefs are noble and important.”

I just loved how the performances mixed different cultures and beautifully blended history and contemporary influences. BRAVO!!!!

Please pass on my congratulations to the people that put the program together. It was wonderful. I heard so many people talking about how the message of unity got through.”